PLA Resin, Silk. (3) Sewing Needles, Wood, Ink—2018


In a woodland ecosystem, microbes, fungi, and invertebrates receive notice when death occurs. These vital organisms transform lifeless forms into raw materials for new beginnings. This cycle is an annual occurrence in New England. This artwork was created during this time of seasonal change.


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Part I

The sculpting process began with a stump I kept noticing on weekly forest walks.  With help, I brought the artifact home, washed it, & allowed it to dry in the bright sun. Next I carefully cleaned the entire surface and crevices. The final surface was coated with black India ink as a dressing.

Part II

I collected fallen leaves and branches from my yard. This seasonal detritus served as molds for my 3D pen to trace. I manually wove pure silk thread into the extruded resin wherever structural strength was needed. I stayed true to the original forms on occasion. Other times, I allowed my imagination to create its own interpretation from the original. Creating these hollow shapes reminded me of ecdysis, or the process of molting that snakes & arthropods go through. 

Observing Nature’s perpetual rhythms provides me with a constructive method to process change.