A Complete Circuit

How does creativity operate when the hands are engaged? Does understanding occur, as if by proxy, at the round ends of the fingertips which can act as eyeballs do—to witness, decode, and report what smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing take in to the body?

Human senses receive external stimuli that spark the biological circuitry in the imagination. Like the call and response between two jazz musicians, the brain’s invisible electrical transmissions create dialog. This process unfolds endlessly with infinite possibilities that both intimidate and astound, as I can never know how or why the universe is. The feeling of awe is what sustains me.

I employ a freestyle approach to multi-media art making & education. The method is driven by play, experimentation, and the laws of the universe. Nature’s laws allow me to exist. I succeed when I work with natural forces, and fail when I don’t. They are my map to confidence, innovation, and joy in any work.


About me

Diverse life experiences inform my artistry. Imagine an aesthetic woven from an employment history as a scientist, gallery curator, phlebotomist, horse trainer, tugboat cook, nurse’s aid, receptionist, janitor, pizza deliverer, cake decorator, house cleaner, plus work as a critter sitter for delicate water beings to domesticated farm animals. That’s me at this time…whatever that means.

I’ve earned a Master’s Degree in the Visual Arts and a dual undergraduate degree in Biology and Fine Art. Intuitive performance interests are supported by daily Tai Chi and Bagua martial arts practice. I live in MA with my husband, two dogs, three cats, and many fish.

I have always been an artist.