My work involves site-specific object and performance based projects. Relationships with domesticated, wild, and microscopic beings are essential to my creative process. I can never comprehend the cosmos, but I am sustained by the natural forces I am connected to.

I have always been an artist. My aesthetic is woven from life experience in conservation, medicine, exhibit curation, phlebotomy, horse training, tugboat cooking, nursing support, answering telephones, janitorial services, pizza delivery, cake decorating, cleaning houses, and mowing lawns. I am currently engaged in environmental education outreach programs with non-releasable/rehabilitated wildlife partners. I’ve shared my life with horses, goats, ducks, chickens, cats, dogs, and fish. My husband and members of the latter three species listed above make up the place I currently call home in the Northeast U.S.

My formal education consists of an MFA in visual arts, a BS double major in Fine Arts & Biology, and study abroad to investigate Theater, Art, & Architecture in the UK.