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For me, art is a way of life that makes everything else possible.

Imagine a garden.

Conservation, education, technology, community arts, and building things by hand are just a few of the activities I enjoy cultivating. Domesticated, wild, and alien things live here.

That’s me at this time…whatever that means.

I’ve earned a Master’s Degree in the Visual Arts and a dual undergraduate degree in Biology and Fine Art. My work has been published, exhibited, and sold, but the important thing is that I have always been an artist.

My life is supported by Tai Chi and Bagua martial arts practice. However, my husband, two dogs, three cats, and an assortment of freshwater fish are the real foundation I stand on in the Northeast corner of the United States.

Whoever you are, thank you for visiting. Be good yourself and the planet in your own way. That is the greatest art anyone can make.