Unstuffed—The New Taxidermy

This sculpture series surfaced when an equestrian training philosophy was introduced into my studio. The method, known as at liberty, is one where humans learn to work cooperatively with horses through play. Formative equine experiences mirror my creative conduct in the studio. I hold supplies in my hands,  as if they were alive and depended on my care. Horses taught me to listen and to observe the moment at hand, otherwise it was going to be a very long day in the training ring.

I began the art experiment by hand-casting objects common to my household with a 3D pen. As I worked, I noticed when the line yielded to my body’s movement with subtle fluidity. I responded in-kind. When the metalwork began, a completely different strategy was necessary. Metal would only ‘talk’ to powerful tools that could cut, grind, or weld,

PLA Resin, Steel, Wood, Graphite—2017