Unstuffed—The New Taxidermy

Philosophy underlies the making of this sculpture series, specifically an equestrian training method known as at liberty where humans learn to work cooperatively with horses through play. Formative equine experiences mirror my creative conduct in the studio. I hold supplies and ideas in my hands as if they were alive. Just as when I worked with horses, lightness and experimentation are the only way I can communicate authentically.

When I made this work I had no idea what it was about. I would notice how the materials respond to my movements. That is usually how it works. I observe or listen, and then respond. I analyze afterwards.

This project was both a journey and a puzzle. The sculptures suggest but do not seem to physically reveal a consistent subject. Or do they?  Just because I don’t see, is something not so? What agent might inhabit the space between these items? Over the past year this work continues to remind me of trees. Is my relationship to them, their gifts, and absence described here? Or are infinite possibilities, that exist between what I see and don’t see, the whole point? You decide.

Tea service—for drinking  tea, a tradition and offering from plants older than the human race.

Dr. Marten shoes—a humble badge of one rock star wielding a guitar, made from wood. 

Horses & Silviculture

The paperless revolution of the 21st Century

and then—the alive or dead Schrödinger’s cat question about possible states…


PLA Resin, Steel, Wood, Graphite—2017