Karin Eda Sanborn-CV

BIO: Karin Eda Sanborn holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree from The New Hampshire Institute of Art. Diverse experiences shape her artistry. These include biologic medicine manufacturing, gallery curation, phlebotomy, horse training, tugboat cooking, nursing support, answering telephones, janitorial services, pizza delivery, cake decorating, house cleaning, lawn mowing, as well as caring for all creatures great and small. She currently lives in MA with her husband, two dogs, three cats, and many fish. She has always been an artist.

ARTIST STATEMENT- Does something have to be seen to exist? Consider this answerless question by tuning in to the space between two sculptures. The first is lightweight, made by intuitively tracing objects with a 3D pen. The second is made with a heavy material: dense substrates such as metal or wood readily hold the marks of my labor.

Philosophy underlies my making, specifically, an equestrian training method termed at liberty. In this process, horses and humans spontaneously play, learning to work cooperatively. Formative experiences living and working with horses mirror my creative conduct in the studio. I perform in concert with supplies, handling them as if they were alive.