the other

Biological field science techniques define how my artistic practice occurs. I am captivated by delicate patterns wherever they occur; in leaves, feathers, even my own skin. I often wonder how my existence is linked to these observations.

I follow where my curiosity leads me. Interactions with the natural world unfold before me in unexpected ways. Endless discoveries are possible right in my own neighborhood. I know that wherever I am, infinite universes are waiting for me to find them. I can never fully understand the cosmos we all live in. Investigative processes that invite tactile, personal explorations are what connects me to the clues that my senses witness.

Recent experiments explore tree and plant subjects through the lens of the five (5) human senses. To date, the work includes:

My aesthetic grows from broad life experiences. These include working in conservation, education, animal training/handling, medicine manufacturing, curation, phlebotomy, tugboat cooking, nursing support, answering telephones, janitorial services, pizza delivery, cake decorating, cleaning houses, and mowing lawns.

I’ve shared my life with horses, goats, ducks, chickens, cats, dogs, fish, and plants. I live in Southeast MA with my partner & several equally significant furred or finned companions.

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