I was born & raised in the Northeastern United States. I was raised by humans but somehow I imprinted on the animals & plants that surrounded me. I learned how to express this love non-verbally with art-making rituals in my formative years.


Ladybug,  c.1970             Colored yarn, glue, construction paper

I am bonded with the natural world. My training as a biologist provides the evidence I need to know that I am connected to all of the universe’s amazing systems. Nature’s delicate patterns found in skin, leaves, feathers, etc. guide me how to evolve as a person.


The artwork on this site reflects a time of transformation in my life; during and just after earning a Master of Visual Arts degree from New England College’s School of Art & Design. These creative experiments were undertaken for personal development & research. Work that links art & science informs my place in the world.

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